Wheat Yeast Strains Chart

Key: Type=Type of yeast, S=Slant, D=Dry, L=Liquid, Floc=Flocculation, Atten=Attenuation, Temp=Ideal Fermentation Temperature, YCK=Yeast Culture Kit Company

Name and Number Type Lab Floc. Atten. Temp. Decription
Wheat Strains            
Amer. Hefeweizen WLP320 L White Labs Med/High 72-77% 50-55°F Slight amount of banana and clove notes.
Amer. Hefeweizen Ale WLP320 L White Labs Low 70-75% 65-69°F Produces a slight amount of banana and clove notes.
American Wheat 1010 L Wyeast Low 74-78% 58-74°F Produces a dry, slightly tart, crisp beer.
Bavarian Weizen Ale WLP351 L White Labs Low 73-77% 66-70°F Moderately high, spicy phenolic overtones of cloves.
Bavarian Weizen BRY 235 L Siebel Inst. High Medium 50-57°F A very estery beer with mild clove-like spiciness.
Bavarian Wheat 3056 L Wyeast Medium 73-77% 64-74°F Produces mildly estery and phenolic wheat beers.
Bavarian Wheat 3638 L Wyeast Low 70-76% 64-75°F Balance banana esters w/ apple and plum esters.
Belgian Ardennes 3522 L Wyeast High 72-76% 65-85°F Mild fruitiness with complex spicy character.
Belgian Wheat 3942 L Wyeast Medium 72-76% 64-74°F Apple and plum like nose with dry finish.
Belgian Wit Ale WLP400 L White Labs Low/Med 74-78% 67-74°F Slightly phenolic and tart.
Belgian Wit II Ale WLP410 L White Labs Low/Med. 70% to 75% 67 to 74 F Spicier, sweeter, and less phenolic than WLP400.
Belgian Witbier 3944 L Wyeast Medium 72% to 76% 60 to 75 F Alcohol tolerant, with tart, slight phenolic profile.
Brewferm Blanche D Brewferm Low High 64-73 Ferments clean with little or no sulphur.
Farmhouse Ale 3726 L Wyeast Low 76-81% 70-95°F Complex aromas dominated by an earthy/spicy note.
Forbidden Fruit Yeast 3463 L Wyeast Low 73-77% 63-76°F Phenolic profile, subdued fruitiness.
German Wheat 3333 L Wyeast High 73% to 77% 63 to 75 F Sharp, tart crispness, fruity, sherry-like palate.
Hefeweizen Ale WLP300 L White Labs Low/Med. 72% to 76% 68 to 72 F Produces banana and clove nose.
Hefeweizen IV Ale WLP380 L White Labs Low 73% to 80% 66 to 70 F Crisp, large clove and phenolic aroma and flavor.
Weihenstephan Weizen 3068 L Wyeast Low 73-77% 64-75°F A unique, rich and spicy weizen character.