Ale Yeast Strains

Name and Number Type Lab Floc. Atten. Temp. Decription
Ale Strains & ;          
10th Anniversary Blend WLP010 L White Labs Medium 75-80% 65-70°F Blend of WLP001, WLP002, WLP004 & WLP810.
Abbey Ale WLP530 L White Labs Med/High 75-80% 66-72°F Produces fruitiness and plum characteristics.
Alt Ale BRY 144 L Siebel Inst. Medium High 59-68°F Full-flavoured but clean tasting with estery flavour.
American Ale 1056 L Wyeast Low/Med 73-77% 60-72°F Well balanced. Ferments dry, finishes soft.
American Ale BRY 96 L Siebel Inst. Medium High 64-72°F Very clean ale flavour.
American Ale II 1272 L Wyeast High 72-76% 60-72°F Slightly nutty, soft, clean and tart finish.
American Ale Yeast Blend WLP060 L White Labs Medium 72-80% 68-73°F Blend celebrates the strengths of California ale strains.
Australian Ale WLP009 L White Labs High 70-75% 65-70°F For a clean, malty and bready beer.
Bastogne Belgian Ale Yeast WLP510 L White Labs Medium 74-80% 66-72°F A high gravity, Trappist style ale yeast.
Bedford British Ale WLP006 L White Labs High 72-80% 65-70°F Good choice for most English style ales..
Belgian Abbey II 1762 L Wyeast Medium 73-77% 65-75°F Slightly fruity with a dry finish.
Belgian Ale 1214 L Wyeast Medium 72-76% 58-68°F Abbey-style, top-fermenting yeast for high gravity.
Belgian Ale WLP550 L White Labs Medium 78-85% 68-78°F Phenolic and spicy flavours dominate the profile.
Belgian Golden Ale WLP570 L White Labs Low 73- 78% 68°-75° F A combination of fruitiness and phenolic flavors.
Belgian Saison 3724 L Wyeast Low 76- 80% 70°-80° F Very tart and dry with spicy and bubblegum aromatics
Belgian Saison I WLP565 L White Labs Medium 65% to 75% 68° to 75° F Produces earthy, spicy, and peppery notes.
Belgian Strong Ale 1388 L Wyeast Low 73% to 77% 65° to 75° F Fruity nose and palate, dry, tart finish.
Belgian Style Ale Yeast Blend WLP575 L White Labs Medium 74% to 80% 68° to 75° F Blend of Trappist yeast and Belgian ale yeast
Biere de Garde L Wyeast Low 76% to 80% 70° to 95° F Low to moderate ester production with mild spicyness
British Ale 1098 L Wyeast Medium 73% to 75% 64° to 72° F Ferments dry and crisp, slightly tart and fruity.
British Ale II 1335 L Wyeast High 73% to 75% 63° to 75° F Malty flavor, crisp finish, clean, fairly dry.
British Ale WLP005 L White Labs High 75% to 80% 68° to 75° F English strain that produces malty beers.
British Cask Ale 1026 L Wyeast Med/High 75% to 78% 60° to 75° F Produces nice malt profile with a hint of fruit.
Burton Ale WLP023 L White Labs Medium 65% to 75% 68° to 73° F Subtle fruity flavors: apple, clover honey and pear.
California Ale WLP001 L White Labs Medium 67% to 74% 65° to 70° F Clean flavors accentuate hops; very versatile.
California Ale V WLP051 L White Labs Med./High 70% to 75% 66° to 70° F Produces a fruity, full-bodied beer.
Canadian/Belgian Style 3864 L Wyeast Medium 75% to 79% 65° to 80° F Mild phenolics and low ester profile with tart finish.
Coopers Homebrew Yeast D Coopers High High 68-80°F Clean, round flavor profile.
Dry English ale WLP007 L White Labs High 70% to 80% 65° to 70° F Good for high gravity aleswith no residuals.
Dusseldorf Alt WLP036 L White Labs Medium 65-72% 65-69°F Produces clean, slightly sweet alt beers.
Dutch Castle Yeast 3822 L Wyeast Medium 74-79% 65-80°F Spicy, phenolic and tart in the nose.
East Coast Ale WLP008 L White Labs Low/Med. 70-75% 68-73°F Very clean and low esters.
Edinburgh Ale WLP028 L White Labs Medium 70-75% 65-70°F Malty, strong Scottish ales.
English Ale BRY 264 L Siebel Inst. Medium High 59-68°F Clean ale with slightly nutty and estery character.
English Ale WLP002 L White Labs Med./High 70-75% 68-73°F Very clear with some residual sweetness.
English Special Bitter 1768 L Wyeast High 68-72% 64-72°F Produces light fruit ethanol aroma with soft finish.
Essex Ale Yeast WLP022 L White Labs Med./High 71-76% 66-70°F Drier finish than many British ale yeasts
European Ale 1338 L Wyeast High 67-71% 62-72°F Full-bodied complex strain and dense malty finish.
European Ale WLP011 L White Labs Medium 65-70% 65-70°F Low ester production, giving a clean profile.
Fermentis US 56 D Fermentis Medium 77% 59-75°F Clean with mild flavor for a wide range of styles.
German Ale 1007 L Wyeast Low 73-77% 55-68°F Ferments dry and crisp with a mild flavor.
German Ale II WLP003 L White Labs Medium 70-75% 65-70°F Clean, sulfur component that reduces with aging.
German Ale/Kölsch WLP029 L White Labs Very High 72-78% 65-69°F A super-clean, lager-like ale.
Irish Ale 1084 L Wyeast High 73-77% 60-72°F Slight residual diacetyl and fruitiness.
Irish Ale WLP004 L White Labs Medium 73-80% 65-70°F Light fruitiness and slight dry crispness.
Kölsch 2565 L Wyeast Low 73% to 77% 56° to 70° F Malty with a subdued fruitiness and a crisp finish.
Leuven Pale Ale 3538 L Wyeast High 75-78% 60° to 75° F Slight phenolics and spicy aromatic characteristics.
London Ale 1028 L Wyeast Low/Med. 73% to 77% 60° to 72° F` Bold and crisp with a rich mineral profile.
London Ale III 1318 L Wyeast High 71% to 75% 64° to 74° F Very light and fruity, with a soft, balanced palate.
London Ale WLP013 L White Labs Medium 67% to 75% 66° to 71° F Dry malty ale yeast for pales, bitters and stouts.
London ESB Ale 1968 L Wyeast High 67% to 71% 64° to 72° F Rich, malty character with balanced fruitiness.
Muntons Premium Gold D Muntons High High 57° to 77° F Clean balanced ale yeast for 100% malt recipies.
Muntons Standard Yeast D Muntons High High 57° to 77° F Clean well balanced ale yeast.
Northwest Ale 1332 L Wyeast High 67% to 71% 65° to 75° F Malty, mildly fruity, good depth and complexity.
Nottingham D Danstar High High 57° to 70° F Neutral for an ale yeast; fruity estery aromas.
Pacific Ale WLP041 L White Labs Medium 65% to 70% 65° to 68° F A popular ale yeast from the Pacific Northwest.
Premium Bitter Ale WLP026 L White Labs Medium 70% to 75% 67° to 70° F Gives a mild but complex estery character.
Ringwood Ale 1187 L Wyeast High 67% to 71% 64° to 74° F A malty, complex profile that clears well.
Safale S-04 D Fermentis High 79% 59° to 75° F English ale yeast that forms very compact sediment.
Safbrew S-33 D Fermentis Med./High 75% 59° to 75° F Versatile strain that can perform in beers up to 11.5% ABV.
Safbrew T-58 D Fermentis Low 75% 59-75°F Develops estery and somewhat peppery spiceyness.
Scottish Ale 1728 L Wyeast High 69-73% 55-75°F Suited for Scottish-style ales, high-gravity ales.
Southwold Ale WLP025 L White Labs Medium 72-78% 65-69°F Complex fruits and citrus flavors.
Super High Gravity WLP099 L White Labs Low >80% 69-74°F High gravity yeast, ferments up to 25% alcohol.
Thames Valley Ale 1275 L Wyeast Medium 72-76% 62-72°F Clean, light malt character with low esters.
Thames Valley Ale II 1882 L Wyeast High 73-77% 62-72°F Slightly fruitier and maltier than 1275.
Trappist Ale BRY 204 L Siebel Inst. Medium High 64-72°F Dry, estery flavor with a light, clove-like spiciness.
Trappist Ale WLP500 L White Labs Low/Med. 75-80% 65-72°F Distinctive fruitiness and plum characteristics.
Trappist High Gravity 3787 L Wyeast Medium 72-86% 64-78°F Ferments dry, rich ester profile and malty palate.
Whitbread Ale 1099 L Wyeast High 68-72% 64-74°F Mildly malty and slightly fruity.
Whitbread Ale WLP017 L White Labs Medium 67-73% 66-70°F Brittish style, slightly fruity with a hint of sulfur.
Windsor D Danstar Low Medium 64-70°F Full-bodied, fruity English ale.
Wyeast Ale Blend 1087 L Wyeast High 71-75% 64-72°F A blend of the best strains to provide quick starts.